De Groot Trading & Oil Equipment Co.

De Groot Trading -We trade in Lubricants, Base Oils, Diesel & Telecom equipments.

In lubricants, our range of products include, petrol engine oil, diesel engine oil, 2 stroke engine oil, gear oil, marine engine oil, multi purpose greases and coolants, SN 500, SN 150, BS 150 & SN650 base oils. All our products are guaranteed to perform as per the specifications of API (American Petroleum Institute), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), MIL (Military Specs) and European and Japanese manufacturers. Presently we are exporting to Pakistan, China & Vietnam.

In Telecom Industry, we have ventured with AC&E which is committed to servicing connector and associated interconnect requirements in telecom industry through design, manufacture and continuous innovation and worlds best practice. We guarantee one of the industry’s most knowledgeable designers of Transmission Balun Solutions for the Telecommunications industry. Our solutions include:

    * A comprehensive selection of balun solutions for 1.5Mbits/s through to 155Mbits/s applications.
    * A wide range of balun patch panels, balun cable assemblies and connectors for coaxial and twisted pair cables.
    * Alarm modules and power distribution Modules.
    * Custom design and manufacture services for a wide range of system interface requirements.

We are committed to continuous improvement and worlds best practice, which in turn ensures that we achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction. One of our major clients includes Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, U.A.E.